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Lipstick Wars Poetry is a platform created to give all women and girls a profound voice through the art of slam poetry.

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An exclusive interview about the beauty of Lipstick Wars poetry slam and the space that it occupies at the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

Lipstick Wars Slam Champs

2015 Lipstick Wars Slam Champ• Asset Nitrag


2016 Lipstick Wars Slam Champ• Shasparay Light


2017 Lipstick Wars Slam Champ• Shasparay Light


2018 Lipstick Wars Slam Champ• Cocoa Flo



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Lipstick Wars Poetry Slam

2pm - 10pm

Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

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Lipstick Wars Poetry Slam

Lipstick Wars is an open platform for women of all races, ethnicities and unique backgrounds to express their truths, everyday struggles and victories through the art of slam poetry. Lipstick Wars is a celebration of women. 

Lipstick Wars was created in 2015 by spoken word poet Rheonna Nicole. Thanks to the long-standing partnership with The Kentucky Center ArtsReach, Lipstick Wars was birthed in Bomhard Theater and has grown to a full day event culminating in Lipstick Wars in Whitney Hall. Since its creation the slam continues to blossom and grow to new heights, and new Kentucky Center venues, gaining attention and participation from nationally ranked poets from St. Louis, Ohio, Chicago, New Jersey and Texas. 2019 Lipstick Wars will include workshops, a women’s marketplace and the evening slam in the Kentucky Center’s Whitney Hall. 

Slam poetry is the competitive art of performance poetry. A dual emphasis is placed on writing and performance, encouraging poets to focus on what they’re saying and how they’re expressing their words. In competition, the poets are judged by members of the audience. Typically, the host or another organizer selects the judges, who are instructed to give numerical scores (zero to 10) based on the poets’ content and performance.

Workshops @ 2pm, 3pm & 4pm in The Kentucky Center’s Mary Anderson Room

Writing Slam Poetry, Performance and Poet Promotion/Branding 

Women’s Marketplace 2-7pm in The Kentucky Center’s Todd Hall

Come out and support women creatives vending art, jewelry, books and other homemade products

For more information on the marketplace - 

Poetry Slam Hosted by Robin G & Micah Wilson

7pm, Doors Open @6:30 – The Kentucky Center’s Whitney Hall

For more information on participating in the slam - 

These events are free, no tickets needed 

Suggested age 12 and up. 

Lipstick Wars Poetry Slam is sponsored in part by the Kentucky Foundation for Women.

The Kentucky Center ArtsReach is made possible with support from Louisville Metro Government, The Norton Foundation, WHAS Crusade for Children, Texas Roadhouse, Mark Edwards Violins, The Kentucky Center Endowment Fund with additional support provided by private donors.

2pm - 10pm

Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts


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